Week 2 — Project 365

January 15, 2024 365 project

halfway through january...

It was a pretty good week around me, aside from being insanely cold outside. I hate living where the wind hurts my face. 🤦🏻‍♀️ But despite that, I definitely love how many new people I've met or have made photo plans with so far this month! I'm so excited for a few shoots I have coming up! ❤️

As far as photographic opportunities this week (because, if you remember, my son was 99% of my subject material last week 😆), we had a party (trampoline park again!) and a play date, and plenty of rainy days. ☔️




Always finding art laying around the house nowadays. 🥰




The types of things you see in a five-year-old's desk drawer... 😆


JAN 10


My kid and his Paw Patrol rainboots... ❤️


JAN 11


Rowan is blowing me away with his reading. He read this entire book by himself!


JAN 12


The sunrise was so pretty this morning. Everyone on socail media was posting pictures of it! 😅 But the people who stop to admire the beauty of sunrises are my kind of people!


JAN 13


We had another birthday party at the trampoline park! Rowan went up to the claw machine and started playing it - someone left $ in there! But he won and got to take a toy home. 😂


JAN 14


He had an epic playdate yesterday with TWO friends while mom had her book club with her friends! Win-win!

This week, I challenged myself a bit more. But not only have I been struggling to remember even to grab the camera when we go out, I've also felt a bit weird bringing it out in public. (Picking up Rowan from school, the trampoline park...) 😅

Not too much is going on this upcoming week, so I will have to stay diligent in remembering my camera, and to keep my eyes open for opportunities!

Bye for now!