about the girl behind the camera

I first picked up a "big girl" camera when I decided to take a class in college, waaaay back in 2010. My journey into portrait photography was a slow one — fast forward to ten years after that, and that's when I realized I may have found my calling.

My son is a big reason I decided to pick up a camera again. When you're a parent, time just moves too fast and all you want to do is capture the moments as much as you can! Even though he can make the silliest faces sometimes and can't sit still for the life of him (I think you can empathize when I say we could all use some of this kid's energy!) he's one of my favorite people to photograph. 💙

When I'm not behind a camera or spending time with my family, I love listening to music, going on hikes, reading at least one book a week (fantasy, romance, or thrillers!), or watching a new show on Netflix. 🤪