Gracie + Her 'Fairy' First Birthday

January 13, 2024 gallery


see???? warned ya!

Buckle up, because it's about to get REAL cute up in here!

Check out this fairy princess who turned ONE last month! It was extra special because I photographed her amazing mom & dad's maternity session, and also her newborn photos!! 🥰


Milestone sessions can be completed with minimal props! Some simple things we included in this session were some balloons, wooden letters, and a lit-up number "1" that mama supplied!

My favorite part? When they brought out a picture of baby Gracie during her newborn session!! 😭 Look at her adorable smile as she explores her baby picture. 🥹

This girl knows adorable when she sees it! We added a fluffy rug and a mirror (one straight from their wall!) so that we could capture these sweet images of her admiring herself! ❤️

A little extra fun with the balloons on that soft rug!

And then we had to snag some family pics, of course!




LOVE this girl!! I can't wait until I see her sweet face again! 😍


Until next time!